This Christmas

by Kate Grasso on December 17, 2021

This Christmas

we’ve been thrown back into the deep end

of activities and obligations

watching the time fly by

while each holiday

passes us at a pace we aren’t sure we are ready for

and we’re left in the whirlwind

wondering where our place is

now that everything and nothing has changed.

There are new scars on our hearts 

that we can’t paper over

because they were meant 

to be on display

a symbol that we were loved 

through the pain

so that we could love others 

through theirs.

This Christmas

is a resetting

a tossing aside

of what we don’t need anymore

to discover what we had all along

and what we’ve been missing in our frantic pace

That we were meant for 

being still

being close

being with

the only One who matters

the One who sees us 

just as we are





the One who sits down next to us

and loves us desperately beyond all reason


God with us

right here with us

perfect with the imperfect

side by side

Jesus with us


This Christmas.

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