Online Services

Here are some FAQs for our online services:

Where do I watch?

Step 1: At service time, just go to any web browser on your phone, computer, tablet, or Smart TV and go to the web address! 

Step 2: That's it! Watch the service and enjoy! You can join in the chat if you like, or request prayer by clicking the "Live Prayer" button.

I don't hear any sound. Help!

When you first load the service, you'll need to click the "tap to unmute" button to hear the sound. Make sure your volume is turned up on your device. As the service starts, some devices will lose sound as the service begins playing... simply hit "tap to unmute" again to regain sound. When all else fails, refresh your page. 

My video isn't playing/has a black screen/I see a spinning circle!

So frustrating, right? But thankfully this can be solved simply in most cases by doing the following:

  • Try refreshing your page in your browser. This is often the fix for many technical problems while watching service.
  • A firewall is blocking the video. Adjust your settings to allow all videos from 

I am clicking "Live Prayer" but nothing is happening.

Live prayer sometimes has a time delay. Click the button once and then wait. If after a minute it does not respond, let the Cove Church host know in the chat that you are having an issue and we will assist you. 

When you enter Live Prayer with one of our pastors, a separate chat window will appear for a place where you can pray with them privately. 

How do I change my name in the chat?

If you've already created a name in a previous chat session and would like to change it, you'll need to delete your cookies and clear your browser history in order to change your name as our online church program has a memory and will remember you from a previous service. 

Another option: You can sign up and create an account with your name and email at any time (Tap the lines on the top right corner on the page where you watch services). That way your name is accurate every time!

If you are still having trouble with your name or accessing your account, please contact !

Still having trouble?

We'd love to help! Click the button below to contact our team and let us know how we can assist you.

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