About Us

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by our constantly changing world. At Cove Church, you’ll find a safe harbor where you can pause and rest so you can move forward with confidence and hope.

At Cove Church, we know that you want to live a meaningful life.

In order to do that, you need to put down what is holding you back and find who you are meant to be. The problem is, our world keeps changing, which makes you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and stuck

We believe being paralyzed by fear, lies, apathy, and pain keeps you from personal growth and limits your relationship with God and your potential to impact the lives of others. 

We understand what it feels like to be worn out, run-down, and wondering if there is any hope left in the world. Cove Church a safe harbor from the chaos around you where you can pause and be revived for the journey ahead. 

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Revive with Jesus

  2. Revive with Relationships

  3. Revive with Purpose

So come take a break with us at Cove Church (and in the meantime, get to know us by watching a few messages) so you can stop being held back by fear of the unknown and instead move forward with confidence and hope.