Revive with Purpose

"There is a profound and vital reason you are here."

- Pastor Paula Sutherland

If you're feeling stuck, anxious, or unable to let go of what's holding you back, you're not alone. 

In this exhausting season, it's easy to forget that God created us for a purpose beyond just getting through each day. 

But you were made for more than surviving.

At Cove Church, we believe you are valuable to God's kingdom, and that He has a special plan for your life to do amazing things through you. A purpose beyond what you can even imagine.

It's time to put down the old and pick up the new. To shake off the lies that want to keep you chained and embrace the freedom of a new way of thinking Jesus is calling you to. 

Reviving with purpose as easy as saying yes to change (even when it's hard), and choosing to take a step towards thriving each day no matter what comes next.

Are you ready to find who you were meant to be?

Here are a few places to start!

1. Are you stuck in a cycle of hurts, habits, and hangups? Check out our Life Change ministry and connect with others to help you on your journey towards healing. 

2. Not sure what your purpose is, but ready to learn more about who you were designed to be? Find out more about our Discover U workshop!

3. Ready to jump in and serve at Cove? Find how you can serve our church community doing what you love to do HERE!

Sometimes the best place to get to know who you are is to surround yourself with people who can remind you who you were meant to be.
Find a group HERE and revive with relationship and let God use the people around you to help point the way forward. 

Not sure where to begin?

Our team would love to walk with you in finding where you fit or answering any questions you may have!