Give God a Call

by Paula Sutherland on November 19, 2021

Good morning Cove Church, I know this might not be morning to you, but I thought I would send a little video this morning. “This morning” for me, as I’m sitting here on my couch, sitting here in my comfy little spot with my coffee and getting up before everybody else is up. I just had this thought this week that's been on my heart quite a bit and it’s in this verse in Psalm 4:3: “I know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself. The Lord hears when I call to him.” He hears us when we call to him. He hears our voice. He loves it when we get to get alone with him and spend some time just being with him. So it makes me think of this story from years ago. 

Many of you know I was in Europe before I married Aaron. And as I traveled from country to country, I would often call my mom. Back then we didn’t have cell phones, so I would find a phone and I would call collect and she would call me right back. We did that for two years. I would call her and say “I’m in Greece” or “I'm in Norway” or “I’m in Poland.” 

I can remember one specific time and she can remember it too, where I called her and gave the number that I was at, but I didn’t tell her the country I was in. I didn’t give her the country code to call. So when we hung up, my mom began the frantic search of finding her child. Finding her daughter somewhere on this planet. I think her phone company was AT&T and she called and this woman stopped and helped her find me. I can’t even imagine how you do that. How do you find someone based on just the phone number? But she was finally able to do it. As I was sitting on the other end waiting for this call that seems to be taking forever, what was happening on the other side was a mom seeking her child and wanting to hear her voice. She did end up finding me and we ended up having a conversation. 

I believe it’s just the same with God. Although he does know where we are, there’s still a desperation with Him, that He just absolutely loves to hear from us. He loves to hear our voices. I was talking with a friend this week about this particular scripture, and he said, “You know, I think if we really understood this, it would change everything for us. If we understood that when we stopped throughout our day and just talked to God in the midst of our day. If we called out to Him. If we allowed Him to hear our voice. If we knew that, we would walk in confidence in the things that God has in us. We'd know that we are heard by somebody, and there’s this God that is so desperate for us every day, every moment to be able to hear our voice.

I just want to leave that with you today. Know that God hears you, He hears your voice, and He is aware of you. So take time today to just call him. Give him a call. He’s so excited to hear your voice.

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