The Sun is Still Shining

by Tony Read on June 04, 2021

God was just speaking to me this morning as I was driving up here to work, about those of us who have gone through a lot here lately, or still going through things, or maybe already have gone through some things. How many of us have had our world turned upside down and been pulled out of our comfort bubble? A lot of us have experienced loss; loss of family members, loss of friends, maybe even experiencing right now a family member that won’t be here on this earth for much longer. 

Right now, I think God is wanting to be the center of our lives. He wants to be that shoulder to lean on. He wants to be the one that you can build that relationship with and that you can, in your struggle, cry out to Him.

Currently, out here working on the Holiday Farm Fire, the spot I’m in right now was burnt pretty hard, with not even any needles left on the trees. But with this destruction, there’s already green grass coming up in spots. Ferns are growing, even wildflowers.
Even in the midst of destruction, after it is over, God brings the rain. This weather can seem dark and cloudy and gloomy, but this is what helps things grow. The sun is still shining, you just can’t see it.
If you’ve been in an airplane and you’ve been flying at 30,000 feet and you've seen nothing but clouds underneath while the sun is shining up where the airplane is, it's kind of a weird thought. You get stuck in the doom and gloom, grey and wet. But with this wet comes new life. And in our struggles, how do we really know what joy is if we don’t know what pain is and what it feels like? We have to experience pain to see joy. And we know what joy and happiness are even more so after we've been through that drought in life.
So, God is good! God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If life is gloomy, if things have got you down, the sun is still shining and the sun will shine tomorrow."

Tags: joy, depression, pain, anxiety, struggle, devotional


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