God Hand-Picked Your Calling

by Paula Sutherland on October 15, 2021

One of the things in this last season that’s been really fun for me is learning about my spiritual gifts. These are the things that God has given me to walk in my unique calling. There are a lot of tests and things out there that I absolutely love when it comes to learning about our personalities, our strengths, all of those things.  Tools that I actually use quite a bit in coaching, but none of them compare to finding out what God has actually given us to be able to walk supernaturally into the things that he’s called us to. So learning them and discovering them become really important to us as believers because he’s given us tools to do the things he's called us to. 

I’m just going to read a little bit from this book that I have been reading. It’s from Kadi Cole, “Find your Leadership Voice.”  She has something to say in this particular area. It says, “When God calls us, He calls us to a whole life. Not just a job or a specific role for a season. Every Christian has a full-time call on their life. Whether they work at a church, run a business, perform surgery, wait tables, care for parents, spend most of their days chasing after little kids, or all the above. It all counts because each of those is a calling and God handpicked your calling just for you. Your calling shows up everywhere you go. The gym, work, school, holidays at your in-laws, out with your friends, because your whole life is a calling.  But even more exciting is the fact that God actually gives you the talents and abilities you need to fulfill the calling He made for you.  These are the spiritual gifts Paul talks about in both Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 as well as throughout the New Testament. In fact, one of the best ways to steward your calling or leadership voice is to identify and develop your top spiritual gifts.” I love this part. She says, “90 percent of the time when God wants you to speak up or step in or walk in your particular calling, it will be in the zone of your top three spiritual gifts.” 

So finding out what those things are, is really important. If you don’t know what those are, there’s a test you can take on the internet called spiritualgiftstest.com. It’s free, you can go on there and take the test and figure out what your things are. And then really look into what those gifts are. What does it mean? And figure out, “How do I grow in that? How do I get better at that?” And learn to truly use the things that God has given to us to fulfill the calling that He has. You have a unique calling. There’s a reason why you're here on this planet. There's a reason why you are where you are. There’s a reason for all of it!

So I just wanted to encourage you in that. Wherever you are, wherever you find yourself in life, look into those things that God has given you to be the light you are supposed to be, walk in the calling you are supposed to walk in. There is a beautiful and unique reason you are here. 

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