What if what has been holding you down no longer held you back?

No doubt this past year has been filled with overwhelming amounts of fear, division, and anxiety. But we are called to live fearlessly, trusting the One who holds all things together.

That's why this September our Cove ladies are coming together by choosing to fear less.

This retreat is a time to lean into who you are becoming while connecting with friends and meeting Jesus in big, unexpected ways. The beautiful backdrop of Washington Family Ranch is the perfect place to breathe, rest, and revive for the journey ahead. 


Kelly Bankard is kinda messy, always running late, and perpetually looking for her keys.  She has a hot temper, overthinks even the simplest tasks, and has slipped on a banana peel not once, but twice in public.  AND...(most of the time) she knows God loves her, deeply and profoundly, exactly as she is.  When she discovered this--the "Good News" of God's unconditional love and unending grace--she wanted to share it with anyone who would listen, but especially other women who so often feel they have to be all things to all people in order to be loved.
Now, as a speaker for women's events and gatherings, Kelly uses her authenticity, sense of humor, passion for people, and love of Jesus, to bring God's story to life and allow women to see their place in it.

Kelly is the Marketing Coordinator for a financial advisory team based in Seattle. She lives in Boise, ID with her husband, Joe (who she still finds hot even after 21 years), and her two amazing children, Sullivan (13) & Valentina (8). She loves to read, cook, and binge-watch Netflix.  And her secret shame is that she knows she's lactose intolerant, but cannot lay off cheese.


Washington Family Ranch

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