Cove Church Response to Racial Inequality

Cove Church,

Today we find ourselves reeling amidst another crisis. And unlike COVID-19, this crisis is not new. Sadly, individual and systemic racism continues to be a blight on our nation and our world. It is a cancer that seeks to devalue God’s image in each of us and to divide people in ignorance, anger, and fear.

God desires to pour out His wisdom, peace, and love if we would have ears to hear. For those who follow Christ, racism and prejudice of any kind should have no place, as we understand that Jesus died for all the world, not some.

God’s love always moves beyond externals and addresses our hearts. So we grieve today.  We grieve over the death of George Floyd and others, knowing that our brothers and sisters of color grieve in a way we have not experienced. These are wounds we may never fully understand, and so our desire is to listen. We want to grow in empathy. We want to use whatever voice and influence God would give us, to see the toxic poison of prejudice removed from our planet forever.

We are grateful for the authentic and peaceful protests taking place to raise awareness and create systemic change. We condemn the violence, bloodshed, and destruction that has attempted to twist those peaceful endeavors. And we join with our brothers and sisters in declaring we can do better, we must do better.

Thank you for continuing to join us in prayer for God to heal our land.

In Great Love,

Pastor Aaron

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